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As with most online art galleries, the true quality and character of artwork may be inaccurate. There may be variances in color, texture, and/or contrast.  The site is intended to be used as a guide for Charles Peterson’s artwork, where you can obtain a sense of character and style used in his art.  Although many prints are listed on this site, it is by no means inclusive. We will do our best to provide viewers with updated content and prints. Charles Peterson is no longer actively producing prints for the limited edition print industry. However, he is still actively painting (on a daily basis) commissions and original artwork for sale. Some of his originals can be found at our for sale section.

To truly experience the quality of Charles Peterson’s artwork please view his paintings / prints at one of the many fine art galleries around the nation.

This website is maintained on behalf of Charles L. Peterson. The site design, layout, and graphical features are not created by Charles L. Peterson, or his publisher.  Any inaccuracies or errors are the sole responsibility of the webmaster. The site will be updated frequently – including upcoming news, events, and recent artwork.


Charles Peterson will accept inquires for commissions.  He uses his expertise and judgment to determine if an inquire is appropriate to his line of work / interest, and also to help maintain his artistic integrity (to make sure he can do justice to the project). The availablity of commissions is limited, and depends on current and future work load. 


C. L. Peterson Studio reserves all rights to this website, including content, images, and the domain name ( The images and content used are for informational purposes only.  No content on this site can be reproduced for the purpose of sales without prior consent.  Images which have previously been printed or reproduced by White Door Publishing Company are also reserved and are prohibited for redistribution without prior consent.


Please contact us with any business related questions, concerns, comments, or requests regarding the information posted on the site, or the lack thereof. 

Please contact Eli Mueller for any technical or website related questions.



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