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Secondary Print Market

Charles L. Peterson

Once a print edition has been entirely sold at retail (the "primary market"), those who would like to purchase that print must find it on the" secondary market". This concept is often confusing to people because there is no specific place called The Secondary Market, nor is there a standard pricing structure for the prints sold there. The term only means that when a piece is no longer available at its release price in galleries, to purchase one, you would need to find someone who owns the print and negotiate a price agreeable to both parties. Certain dealer-only publications are a valuable tool for gallery owners who are active in helping collectors find sold out prints on the secondary market. While prices for a specific print could vary greatly, depending upon the urgency felt by either the buyer or the seller, these publications help to document the national sales activity and establish a reference for approximate print values. C.L. Peterson Studio does not involve itself in the secondary market.

Buying and selling on the secondary market can be both fun and profitable but it requires caution as well. Your professional limited edition gallery can help you locate sold out prints, inspect them for damage that may affect their value, and negotiate a fair market price. The value of a reproduction is based on several factors, both with regard to the condition of the reproduction itself and with regard to market fluctuations similar to the varying rates on currency or the stock market. For this reason the best way to assess the value of your particular piece of artwork is to contact the gallery you purchased the reproduction from or in the case of a gift or inherited piece of artwork contact a reputable gallery close to you. Most art galleries have access to a national price list that is put out annually on limited edition reproductions including those of C. L. Peterson that help the gallery in providing you with an up-to-date appraisal. Occasionally an insurance company may request something called a certification or proof of authenticity. Your local art gallery should be able to assist you with this as well.

The following galleries work closely with Mr. Peterson and are very knowledgable in C. L. Peterson prints.